I am a portrait and documentary photographer based in the Ann Arbor, MI / Greater Detroit Area. I have been interested in art and photography since I was very young, but it wasn’t until a summer class at the Maine Photographic Workshops that I realized it was what I wanted to study in college and pursue as a career. I attended both Columbia College Chicago and Loyola Marymount University, then received my degree in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Photography and an Art History minor from Loyola Marymount University in 2011. I studied both traditional and digital photography and believe the story is very important to an image or set of images. Being a storyteller through image is what excites me about photographing! I would love to tell your story!


Artist’s Statement

I am in love with the art of photographing another human. I see it as a chance not only to get to know someone better but also to learn something new about that person. It is something that could only be learned from spending time composing them inside the camera’s viewfinder. I know for a fact that I have learned something new about every person I have taken a portrait of. It is a certain look in their eyes or a certain posture they posses in front of the camera that usually gives me a huge hint to what is going on inside their heads. People always act differently when they are in front of a camera and there is a certain vulnerability that comes with being the subject of a photograph. However, this is what makes a photograph interesting. To take a good portrait or just a photograph of any kind of a person is to see into their personality, but most importantly to see into their soul. We are all connected as humans, so there is no better way to share that connection than to photograph, to be photographed and to share those photographs with the world. It is important to see the similarities and discover the differences of people around the world. This is what I love most about portraiture.